Industrial Ventilation

Large industrial constructions also need a healthy indoor climate. The best way to ensure this is by installing a ventilation system.


AIRHEAT A/S is specialised in the production of ventilation systems from approximately 1,000 to over 450,000m3/h. The exchangers are delivered as standard, which means in aluzink with the ventilator and motor based on a vibration free bracket and as such detached from the external frame. This combined with the internal insulation results in a low-noise product.


The ventilation systems come with long life bag filters, which, depending on the noise level, can be replaced when needed. The units are delivered with a single or double cross flow exchanger depending on the degree of exploitation required.


In order to eliminate errors, the products are delivered as complete as possible. For this reason the components are already hardwired from the factory and a control cabinet, which suits the needs of the customer, is delivered alongside for assembly on site.


The control panel is produced by an authorised control board producer, who through thorough knowledge of our products has preeminent credentials for delivering the best possible solution.


Below you can find two examples of ventilation systems with a cross flow exchanger with open cabinet doors.



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